My favorite area in town

With parks, shops, traditional restaurants, night life, and a style of living to fit every budget.

I love the Downtown Albuquerque area because there’s something for every home buyer. If you’re looking for century-old Victorian homes, this is the area for you. If you’d rather live in a condo, loft, or penthouse suite, again, this area is all yours. From quaint bungalow homes around 8th and Mountain to the Huning Castle mansions, I adore the history and variety that comes with this centuries-old section of town.

Downtown Albuquerque also features some of the best museums, unique bars, night life, and dining the city has to offer. The Rio Grande is minutes away via car, bus, bike, or foot, opening up opportunities for outdoor activity and exploration.

Places to Eat

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert

For breakfast in Downtown Albuquerque, you have so many delicious options popping up on every corner. First, there’s Golden Crown Panaderia, with their freshly baked empanadas and recently renowned lunch pizzas. Their pizzas are the best in town, but we’re still talking about breakfast. Check out Java Joe’s for the coffee fix. Their hearty food makes it an easy place to spend a couple hours reading the paper and listening to guitarists pick away at covers and originals. For sweet and savory crepes, and specifically, the blueberry goat cheese crepe, head down to The Boiler Monkey on the corner of 5th and Central. Oh, and I can’t forget the lovely Slate Street Cafe.


For lunch, if you’re looking for pizza, I’d still say Golden Crown is your place in downtown Albuquerque. For Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas (with a side of sour cream), head down to Monroe’s on Lomas. If you’re looking to turn up the spice, Cecilia’s is known for heat and heft. Burgers are a no-brainer at 5 Star, and if you’re a vegetarian or you just love salad, Vinaigrette is the place for you. They actually have a 10 acre farm where they grow 70% of the produce used in their dishes during peak growing season. Pretty cool!


For cheap, good, and fast in downtown Albuquerque, check out JC’s New York Style Pizza (2 slices and a soda for $5) or Aldo’s (the grungier, greasier, but arguably tastier of the two). The Last Call has $1 fish tacos on Taco Tuesday and Thursday.


Lastly, the dessert in this area consists of milkshakes (Lindy’s) and pastries (any of your local coffee shops like Zendo and Deep Space). A good ice cream shop would make downtown Albuquerque perfect. Anyone want to partner up on that venture? Mostly kidding…

Taking it Outside

Outdoor Recreation, and a few great beer patio spots.

All around downtown Albuquerque, you have a nearly limitless amount of things you can do outside. From hiking in the Bosque along the Rio Grande, to spending an afternoon at the Albuquerque Zoo or Botanical Gardens, there’s no shortage of ways to utilize the great amount of sunlight we receive.


My favorite park (and dog park) is Kit Carson Park, with some of the largest trees you can see in the city and a field of green grass. Crossing the road from here, you can get to the Rio Grande and walk (or bike) for miles. If you’re an avid golfer, the Albuquerque Country Club is the oldest country club in the state, and boasts beautiful views of the mountains, a clubhouse with a pool, fitness center, steam room and sauna, full restaurant and bar, and unlimited golf with an invite-only membership.

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