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Travelocity did a report on the most giving cities in America, and Albuquerque came in at #3! This is one of the wonderful parts of this city – there are so many people with giving hearts.

Because of this, there are so many noteworthy organizations dedicated to enriching and supporting the lives of some of the most vulnerable among us. It was extremely difficult to narrow down to a couple organizations, so keeping that in mind, here are the ones selected:

1. All Faiths has one of the strongest mission statements and action plans of any organization I’ve interacted with in Albuquerque. They provide services for children and families who’ve experienced, and are currently experiencing, unimaginable circumstances. From their website, “All Faiths is a dynamic behavioral health agency specializing in the treatment of families, children and their parents who are struggling due to issues of divorce, homelessness, child abuse/neglect, family violence or other crises.”

2. The Barrett Foundation is dedicated to helping women and children stay afloat and out of homelessness. They provide temporary housing, caseworkers, and meals to provide that extra bit of help for families to re-stabilize.

3. New Day Youth and Family Services has a simple, but huge mission statement – “to authentically connect young people to safety, community and themselves.” They do this through providing resources to youth, from a safe house to counseling services and case management. This organization found a hole in organizational support and filled it so fully, expanding services for this critical age group in Albuquerque.