Environment | Family and Child Advocacy | Food and Health Support


When you buy or sell a home with my representation, you are automatically Giving Forward. Through a vigorous decision-making process, the partnerships have been divided into three categories. You choose which category to support, and I send them a check. Click through to check out what these incredible organizations are up to:

1. Family and Child Advocacy

2. Environment

3. Food and Health Support

With every home sale, 10% of my income is forwarded to these non-profits, every time. Growth isn’t enough – By Giving Forward, we can all grow together. Below is a snapshot of a few of the organizations supported through this initiative: 


All Faiths’ mission statement is “to serve as the premier trauma healing center by empowering generations of New Mexicans to create pathways to prevent and transcend the effects of trauma and abuse.” The more I learn about this group of people, the more moved to tears I become with their conviction to make our city a better place. By giving forward to All Faiths, we’re impacting the lives of children, single moms, and families working through some of the most difficult situations fathomable. 

Mandy’s Farm provides highest-quality services to individuals with Developmental Disabilities. They foster an environment of inclusion and encourage individuals to express their dreams and desires. By Giving Forward to Mandy’s Farm, we’re helping youth and adults learn life and employment skills, often finding companies with employment opportunities offering fair wages to program participants. 

Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless provides medical, psychological, and dental health services to our city’s most vulnerable populations. Many organizations focus on housing those who are homeless, either temporarily or permanently, but there are very few focusing on medical, mental, and dental health services. By Giving Forward to Abq Healthcare for the Homeless, we’re helping the city strengthen.

The Roadrunner Food Bank provides assistance to 70,000 people weekly, across much of New Mexico. This translates into 22 million pounds distributed (in FY 2013/2014). Without the work the Roadrunner Food Bank does in our state, a population the size of Santa Fe would go hungry, or worse. This is why the Giving Forward program includes Roadrunner FB. 

There is a charm to Albuquerque that is impossible to put into words – It’s why I’ve chosen to establish roots here. I could go on for hours about all the wonderful things I believe Albuquerque offers, but I’ll spare you for now (literally ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll likely report back that I am, in fact, obsessed with the city we call home). 

If you know of any organizations you’d like to have considered for this program giving back funds into the community, call, text, email, or bring it up the next time you we cross paths. This initiative is centered around the city and the community we are all part of, so it’s crucial that it reflects the city’s and community members’ ideas.