Nob Hill Homes for Sale

The trendiest neighborhood in Albuquerque

Nob Hill is one of Albuquerque’s most well-known neighborhoods, and is definitely the most trendy. If you’re looking for small, specialty shops and walkability, this is your area. From the local movie theater playing cult classics, documentaries and the obscure (among other genres), to specialty dining options like Pete’s Frites, B2B burgers and brews, and Tia B’s Waffleria, to the La Montanita Co-op for your groceries, the quality of life doesn’t get much better.

You can find antiques dating back a few hundred years, comic books, an apothecary for your spell casting, a record shop, dog grooming, a chocolate shop, juice bar, several breweries, and some of the city’s budding (pun intended) cannabis dispensaries. Your fair share of alternative medicinal approaches will be found here, along with dance studios, sensory deprivation tanks, and there’s even a magic shop.

Public transportation in Nob Hill is very convenient, with rapid transit routes and local buses coming by every 8 to 10 minutes. This is one of the few areas in town where you truly do not need a car to get around.

Planning a day in Nob Hill

For those of you just passing through, or for a Staycation for the locals, I've written up a schedule just for you

The perfect day in Nob Hill could go in so many directions, but it will always involve lots of consumption. With that in mind, let’s get started!

8am: Coffee at Michael Thomas Roasters. Don’t let the two first names fool you! These people know their coffee, and have created a great ambiance with plenty of outdoor seating, complete with shade trees overhead.

9am: Breakfast at Tia B’s Waffleria. I don’t think there’s a better breakfast place in this part of town. They have waffles for every palette and dietary restriction.

10:30am: Walk off those waffles with some antique shopping! Head east to the slew of antique shops along Central. You can’t miss them, and you do not want to.

12:30pm: The food in Nob Hill is in every direction, and by this point, you’re probably getting hungry and have sifted through your fair share of history. This is where you have some options. My favorite restaurant in the city (yes, the entire city) is Guava Tree Cafe. If you venture this route, pick up the mango smoothie (with milk, if that cooperates with you), and literally close your eyes and just choose something to eat off their menu. I started eating there when they were in a small place off Yale Blvd, but their new place suits them well with additional seating and a better ambiance.

For thai food, check out Sala Thai on the north end of Nob Hill, at the bottom of the actual hill. They have excellent service, and anything mango there is also delicious. I’m noticing a pattern with my recommendations for lunch food… Hopefully you like mangoes.

If you head west on Central, past the University of New Mexico, you’ll see Route 66 Diner on the right. This place is known for their milkshakes, 50’s outfits and music, and green chile spins on classic dishes.

2:00pm: time for more shopping, but I recommend a “choose your own adventure” approach here. If you’re looking for clothes, you’ll find several boutique shops and a chain or two. There are a couple famous jewelry places as well. For the quirkier stops (in my opinion way more fun), check out the Dia de los Muertos store, Astro Zombies comic books, The Stranger Factory, Abitha’s Apothecary, Beeps, the magic shop by Monte Vista firehouse, and whatever else strikes your fancy. The record store is pretty great, and you’ve also got Bird Land, the self-proclaimed “Hippie Store” recently turned cannabis dispensary.

4:00pm: By now, I’m assuming you’re all shopped out – so check out a movie at The Guild cinema! The showings are sporadic, so check their schedules online.

Evening activities range from more dining, in which I recommend Nob Hill Bar and Grill. They do a great job with drinks, specifically, but their meals are also tasty. Afterward, you can head across the street for more of a bro-vibe at Monte Vista Firehouse. The reason I recommend is solely for the location itself! It was a fire station built during the WPA projects, and now hosts music and debauchery.

Have a blast in Nob Hill!


Sometimes, Route 66 is shut down for great times on the street

Albuquerque hosts a slew of Summerfest activities all across the city, but one of the most notable always occurs in Nob Hill. There’s an old car show, music and lots of dancing, street food, and local business specials.

Central Avenue, especially the Nob Hill portion, is so vibrant throughout the seasons. Check out Visit Albuquerque’s calendar for upcoming events!

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